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NOR PEPT is a Norway based organisation that develops the state-of-the-art Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT), aiming to facilitate understanding and solutions for systems and processes involving fluid and multiphase flow.  

PEPT is the only existing technique capable of unveiling the flow trajectories in opacity, e.g. in opaque equipment and opaque mixtures. The PEPT technique has been developed at the University of Bergen in collaboration with Haukeland University Hospital with the support of Research Council of Norway. Sophisticated labelling and data processing techniques have been developed and continuously refined, which facilitates following the flow with high temporal and spatial resolutions, and enables studying high speed, complex flow in multiphase systems. NOR PEPT has enabled unprecedented investigation of complex flow phenomena which were formerly unfathomable. This would further trigger improvement in theory, simulation, process & product design, and lives.

NOR PEPT is actively working on projects of fluid dynamics studies, optimisation of flow equipment and process, as well as developing instrumentation, methods, and algorithms for PEPT in collaboration with industrial and academic partners. If you would like to join/propose collaborative projects or have questions/comments, please contact us.   

Research Themes
High-resolution 4-D tracking of flow
Single and multi-particle PEPT algorithms
PEPT and fluid dynamics simulation

PEPT instrumentation and methods

Fow in biological systems and medical devices

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